2022 Community Elected Trustees

Elections 2022

The following final results have been received on 14/10/22

Name Votes Rank
COCHRANE, Mike 2660 3
FELTS, Wayne 1847 -
HAYWARD, Sarah Leonore 2503 4
JENKINS, Evan 1406 -
LYDERS, Jason 3090 1
MCINTOSH, Trevor Mark 1445 -
MCKENZIE, Scott 2273 -
MCPHEE, Jared Paul 2309 5
MORRIS, Steve 2863 2
Informal 8 -
Blank 395 -

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The Clutha Licensing Trust supports community groups in our district through sponsorship. Applications will be considered that support the promotion, advancement, or encouragement of education, science, literature, art, physical welfare, and any other cultural and recreational purpose.

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The Clutha Licensing Trust operates gaming machines within our venues on behalf of the Trusts Community Foundation. All monies generated from the machines are returned to the South Otago community by way of formal grant applications.

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